Monday, November 5, 2007

America has Walmart, Target, swap meets, Craiglist, and

Japan has 100 yen stores.

And no, it's not the same thing as an American 99 cent store filled with defective crap made 15 years ago. This is high quality, real stuff you can actually USE. I made a trip to a local 100 yen store Saturday looking to get something for my keychain; I came back out with 16 other things.

But at least I took pictures to show everybody!

A nifty washing rag thingy. I haven't been here long enough to have accrued old shirts for rags, so I broke down and spent a hundred big ones on this pretty piece of cloth.

It might be difficult to see what the three items are in this picture, but for 300 yen, I was able to buy myself a photo album. The black item at the top is the folder, and the two clear items are transparent plastic sleeves that fit inside the folder.

An ice cube tray? That has a lid?! For 100 yen?!!?. Oh yes. It's true.

I only realized how creepy it looked to stuff my hand in the basket after taking the picture, but I was trying to give some perspective of how big the basket is. That basket now houses all of my gadgets; mp3 player, cell phone, Nintendo DS, camera, etc.

Not only was the tape measure 100 yen, but it's ORANGE. Can't beat that.

Hooks! Now I have something to hang my 'coons from when I go huntin' with my Beagles.

More hooks. I have these up and am using them as a makeshift hat rack.

Spray bottle. It's getting pretty cold, so I decided that dousing my head in ice-cold water isn't the most pleasant way to wake up in the morning. A few sprays applied to the fuzz on my head works great.

My bathroom no longer smells like a bathroom. Now it smells like a bathroom that took a breath mint.

What can I say? I love baskets.

More hooks. It's 'coon season.

If I need to tell you what these are, you shouldn't be reading my blog.

Ruler to measure how big my 'coons are.