Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stepping Up

Over the past month or so I've given up the following:

-Anything English; movies, music, books, etc. If it has English, I don't get near it (with exception to my job)
-Alcohol. Of course I never had a drinking problem, but being in an altered state at any time makes me that less sharp
-Going out on weekends
-Pretty much going out at all
-Social networking sites (myspace, mixi, facebook, etc)
-Video games

Why? Quite simply, I want to be good at something. I want to feel like I actually did something with my life. After this conquest, chances are I'll spend the rest of my life punching and punching out, find my way to retirement, grow old and die. But at least I can die knowing I worked towards a goal and completed it.

I've seen too many people live wasted lives, ignore their potential and turn out to be average (or less than average) Joe Slob who is content with mediocrity.

Not me.

Other than staying fit by going to the gym and snapping the occasional photo, I've cut out any part of my life that could be spent otherwise bettering myself at Japanese.

This isn't for a test I want to pass.

This isn't for getting job with a Japanese company.

It's for me.

It's to look back years from now when I'm bald, wrinkled, and fragile, and be able to think, "I did something. And I did it well."