Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sleepless in Nagano

I have to be up in about five hours, but instead I'm giving my blog a long overdue update.


Because of this damned cough. So I scoured the net for a quick remedy. (Drug stores close at around 8pm here, and convenience stores aren't allowed to sell any drugs.. not even Advil) I read that gargling warm salt water gets rid of a cough pretty quickly. One problem; I have no salt in my apartment. But what is pretty salty?

Shoyu sauce!

I took a cup of that, threw it in my microwave, and warmed it up a bit. I picked up the cup, put about half in my mouth, and tilted my head to gargle. The moment the shoyu reached my thoat, it caused an involuntary coughing reaction. The sauce spat out of my mouth and into the sink.

Okay... a bit too strong.

This time, learning from my mistake, poured about 20% shoyu and filled the rest up with water. I warmed it up and tried again. Drinking diluted shoyu is still pretty damned disgusting, but I gargled away, and my cough isn't gone, but it's certainly muted.

Three points for creativity.

But negative four for making my throat worse that it was by abruptly coughing up shoyu.