Friday, October 19, 2007

I don't keep this blog updated because I feel that my life is mundane and somewhat boring; even though I know that what I'm doing is completey different than what mots people are doing my age, it still feels like it's boring, average, and mediocre. Here's a rundown of my week after work:

Monday: Go to the gym. Either come home and make dinner or eat out. Get home, watch a half hour of TV (which is more of a chore than anything. I don't like TV, but I watch for listening practice). Practice guitar for a half an hour. Clean up my apartment. Check my email. Take a shower. Meditate. Sleep.

Tuesday: Same as Monday, minus the workout, plus a couple hours of Japanese study at Starbucks.

Wednesday: Go directly to gym, eat out, then go to "club konnichiwa" - a group of Japanese folk who have been kind enough to teach Japanese for free. Come home, TV, guitar, clean, shower, email, meditation, sleep.

Thursday: Go home to pick up guitar, then go to guitar lesson. Go to Starbucks to study Japanese for an hour or two.Rinse, wash and repeat events that usually follow me getting home

Friday: Gym. Afterwards it varies. Usually I go out with friends to eat, drink, or a combination of the two.

Saturday/Sunday: Always different, and usually fun. Last weekend I went to Kyoto and Osaka to visit a few friends. This weekend I'm going to some small village to help put on a Halloween event. Weekend after next I'm going to Tokyo to visit some more friends. Weekend before last I went to another tiny village of 800 and helped put on a cultural event at their bi-annual sports day.

The weekends are spontaneous enough to make my life break from the ordinary and keep from getting stuck doing the same static activities, but my weekdays have enough regularity to them that I feel my life is finally gaining a sense of direction and control.

I'm content. And that's all you can really ask for. "Happiness comes in small doses", said Dennis Leary. And my small doses usually come in the form of weekends.