Friday, October 26, 2007

I Want a Magical Scarf

It's mandatory for Japanese students to wear uniforms. The boys and girls start off wearing the same thing in grade school; sweat pants, a cute shirt, and a cap. Yes, the kids have to wear a freaking cap when they go to school. I think through the whole process of uniforms making, someone was laughing furiously at the thought of kids wearing the most ridiculous things.

Come middle school, the types of uniforms for girls and boys start to diverge. The boys wear black pants, a button-up white shirt, and if it's cold, a button-up black jacket. The girls wear a dress/skirt that goes below their knees, a shirt that is almost the same as the boys, except they have to wear a bow. The girls aren't allowed to wear makeup, dye their hair, or wear jewelry.

High school is where things get ridiculous. The boys pretty much look the same, but the girls start to look pretty skanky. It's no longer a dress/skirt, but simply a skirt that they hike up half way until the bottom half of their thigh is showing. They are also allowed to dye their hair (to an extent, and it also depends on the high school), apply light makeup, and can wear jewelry (no piercings). Girls start to realize that they can garner a LOT of attention from the boys, and do whatever they can do do this.

This is where my motivation for this post comes in. Wednesday, it was COLD. And by cold, I don't mean brrr I should probably put on a jacket California cold, I mean holy hell if I don't put on at least three layers of clothing I'm going to die of hypothermia the second I step out of the door cold. This Wednesday morning, I put on a couple pairs of boxers, my work pants, an undershirt, my long-sleeved work shirt, and a jacket. I made my way to the train station, expecting everyone to be dressed in the same cozy fashion as I am. And for the most part, everyone was.

Except for the high school girls.

They were still wearing the same "I'm for sale" skirts pulled half way up their asses. I couldn't believe it. Practically anyone could have gone right up to them and gave them a nice pinch on the arse because their legs HAD to have been completely numb. The only item of clothing they wore to make them a bit warmer was a single scarf. That was it.

A scarf.

Maybe Japan sells magical scarfs, and I haven't caught on to them yet. They certianly must warm your legs, make you think happy thoughts, and make you not care what everyone else is thinking about you.

I want one!