Thursday, August 9, 2007

All the Small Things

  • At this point in time, having a cell phone is the most Japanese thing you can do. The defining moment was seeing a Japanese businessman in his mid 30s whizzing down the street on his bike, wearing a full suit while precariously steering with his left hand and talking to his boss on his cell phone with his right
  • Listening to Blink 182 makes me slightly homesick. (But not The format, Motion City Soundtrack, The Beatles, etc. Weird)
  • An unexpected cool breeze feels infinitely better in Japan than it does in San Diego. You can appreciate it more
  • You don't realize how much of our cultural development and upbringing comes from education until you walk down the halls of a school in foreign country
  • All the Japanese desks and chairs at the school I visited today had tennis balls on the legs. I burst out in laughter when walking into the a classroom for the first time to see a whole roomed turned into old-man walkers