Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LONG of Charges!

To go anywhere remotely interesting in this city, I have to walk a half mile north, cross a bridge for pedestrian traffic, go through the train station, and then finally enter the real part of the city; it's about a ten minute walk from my apartment. Going back and forth so many times I spot a lot of interesting (read strange, crazy, cute and obscenely fashionable) folk.

Going to the train station to get some curry, somebody was standing around on the pedestrian bridge. I couldn't make out if this Japanese person was male or female: the hair was short and spiked, but it was wearing a semi-short dress and overalls. Upon further inspection it turned it to be a she (Japanese females have less broad noses than males. She also had makeup on).

So I went and ate my curry.

Came back.

Girl was still there. She greeted me with a smile, said something I didn't pick up, and then handed me this.

I received not only one flyer to get my nails and hair done, but two!

So, considering I didn't understand her, what could have she said to me?

"Hi, your nails look horrific, have a couple flyers. One for each hand."

"I wish my hair actually looked like this, but it all got burned off in a fire."

"It's trendy to look like the opposite sex these days. Look at me! You'd look amazing as a Japanese girl"

The world may never know. But I DO know if I go in and get my nails all done and purty, it'll be LONG of charges! Yay!